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Types of Directors

An Easy understanding

Managing Director

Managing Director is a Director, who by virtue of AOA of a company or an agreement with the company or a resolution passed in its general meeting, or by its BoD, is given substantial powers of management of affairs of the Company.

Executive Director

The Executive Director is the director, who is in full-time employment of the company. This is the reason that the executive directors are mainly engaged in the core management of the company and managing affairs of the company.

Additional Director

he Directors in all the existing companies are first registered as additional directors. This appointment of Additional Director is done by the Board of Directors. They can hold a meeting up to the next general meeting..

Alternate Director

Alternate Director is someone appointed for a person who is a Non-Resident Indian or Foreign Collaborators of a company by the Board of Directors to act for the original director during his absence for a period of more than three months.

Ordinary Director

The Ordinary Director is the Director who attends the Board Meetings of the Company and participates in the matters put across the Board of Directors. They are neither whole-time Directors nor Managing Directors for the company.